Bow-wow Bowser’s!

Embracing life includes embracing new voices; welcome guest author: Jamie Fitzpatrick!

On Saturday night, around 400 people gathered to support and celebrate the work done by Willamette Humane Society by attending Bowser’s Boo Bash.

Bowser's Buddies enjoy WHS 2011 Bowser's Boo Bash

Since this event always falls near Halloween, costumes are encouraged, which by itself makes it appealing to me – getting dressed up and being able to ooh and aah over everyone else’s costumes (the Willy Wonka group was one of my favorites this year) is such fun!

 This week also marks my 10 year anniversary in the field of animal welfare, when I began working at another humane society as a part-time animal care technician. Over the last decade, I have lived the day to day struggles and triumphs of sheltering.

As you’d expect, some days are better than others. Some days it’s easy to see the shining faces of the family who is reunited with a lost pet or hear the first purr from the semi-feral kitten who is finally trusting a human.

Other days it’s hard to move past the frustration of the demanding customer or the sadness of the animal we just can’t save. There have been plenty of tough decisions and many uncomfortable conversations. I have seen suffering and fear and been allowed to work within my means to alleviate distress of the animals in my care.

As you also may expect, one can easily become overwhelmed with the challenges, rather than focus on the successes.

Aside from the wigs, fake eyelashes and spray glitter, the remarkable thing about an event like Bowser’s Boo Bash is its ability to reconnect me to why I do what I do on a daily basis. The support given (both in spirit and donations) motivates me and reminds me that I am not alone on the front lines of animal welfare.

We have champions in our community. We have committed supporters.  We have dedicated volunteers. Seeing those who believe in our mission and seeing them give freely is inspiring.

There are those who believe in the work we do.  Because of the support of these compassionate individuals, I get to keep working to provide services for our community, making a difference for one animal and one person at a time.

Thanks Bowser for the great evening. See you next year!

Guest Author: Jamie Fitzpatrick, WHS Director of Operations


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